It is well known that Sydney is a frequent visitor to the top 10 most livable cities in the world selected by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), but according to the real living experience, it is estimated that the most livable city in everyone’s mind may not be the same as the selection of authoritative think tanks. For example, Wollongong, about 90 minutes’ drive from Sydney, has the necessary conditions to be the most liveable city, but it is not well known. Today, let’s take a look at the city of Wollongong.

Casual natural lifestyle

Wollongong is the third largest city in New South Wales. It does not have the hustle and bustle of Sydney, but it has the leisure and ease of a small coastal town. Those who live in the city can wake up in the morning to hear the sound of cockatoos on the balcony with the beautiful mountains in the background, take a leisurely walk by the seaside with the setting sun in the evening, have a clear, starry sky overhead and be surrounded by green plants. Wollongong is able to give residents a breath of life close to nature, while also offering all the benefits of living in a big city.

A resort that fulfills multiple wishes

Wollongong has very rich natural resources, you can choose to be active on the famous beach by the sea, or climb the mountain to look at the magnificent sea, or explore in the jungle.

Wollongong has several of the best places to enjoy the views: taking a walk around Wollongong Hospital, enjoying the mountain views, looking out over the city from the Mount Keira Lookout, or heading to the lighthouse at Port Wollongong – the perfect place to meet up with friends.

Traffic benefits: free access

You can take the free Gong Shuttle from the University of Wollongong (UOW) to get to major Wollongong locations, passing the Leisure Coast Fruit Market & Garden Centre, supermarkets (Coles, ALDI or Woolworths are all nearby), or the beach. Shuttles operate from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays, 9:00 am to 5:20 pm on Saturdays, and 9:40 am to 5:20 pm on Sundays. ou can achieve freedom of movement in downtown Wollongong! Check out 10.10 0.1 piso wifi pause where you can get more information. 

A culinary capital worth exploring

Wollongong is a very diverse city. There are many international restaurants here. You can taste mouthwatering Indian food at Manjit’s, head to Omar’s Kebab and Pide for Turkish cuisine. Steamers Bar and Grill serves local cuisine with beach views, and the Mylan Restaurant provides  sample Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, you can enjoy seafood elegantly at Lucia’s By The Sea.

Vibrant at night

Nights in Wollongong are also exciting – you can go to Mr Crown, Harp Hotel or Tusk on weekends to enjoy good wine and music with confidants or classmates. Besides, you can book yourself an After Dark party bus. A wonderful life can relax the body and mind very well. Only by truly combining work and rest can it provide momentum for better work and study.

A city with pleasant climate

Despite the current increase in extreme weather on Earth, Wollongong has a very pleasant climate, with average temperatures between 10 and 25°C. As a coastal area, there is always a calm sea breeze on hot summer days, and there is no severe cold in winter and no heat in summer.

High-quality “working” city

Wollongong offers many part-time job opportunities for international students, and the working hours are very flexible, allowing students to work without affecting their study time. There are plenty of job opportunities in many cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, and gas stations. More importantly, compared to Sydney, the cost of living in Wollongong is lower, so if you go out to work part-time, you can enjoy a high quality of life here.

In addition, Wollongong offers many volunteering opportunities to help students practice what they have learned.

So whether a city is truly livable or not depends on the feedback from the people who live here. Wollongong is undoubtedly a livable city and can create a better urban environment for students to study.

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