When you need an innovative way to improve how your company trains your employees, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips and tricks to ensure your employee’s attention. After all, for training to be effective and efficient, it must be informative and entertaining. Fortunately, you can make employee entertaining both fun and functional with a video maker that has a lot of video ad templates

With this digital solution, you don’t need the experience to create stunning employee training videos that you can use and reuse. The simple user interface assures you can consistently churn out training materials. 

Creating engaging and informative employee training videos is an essential aspect of modern workplace learning and development. To ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of your training materials, it’s crucial to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process. For those seeking top-notch video production services, Houston video production companies offer the expertise and resources needed to create compelling and impactful training videos. By investing in high-quality training materials, you can empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

Create engaging and educational videos that streamline your employees’ onboarding processes. Tiy can also use this strategy to share new updates and provide info on critical matters. We’ll teach you how to create workplace training videos to make it easy for your human resources team and employees to learn. Let’s get started!

What Are Training Videos? 

These videos help train or educate your employees on rules, standards, and practices in your company. Use them to educate your employees on important policies and information that pertains to their job. You can create the following with a video maker: 

  • Informative materials to communicate your expectations
  • Tutorials to teach them how to use equipment
  • Customer service training content to show how to treat clients
  • Regularly updated content on new company rules or other industry trends
  • Health and safety videos to keep them protected while doing their jobs

How to Create Training Videos?

When you begin making videos, you want assured efficacy. Put in your effort to make it worth your employee’s time, as well as your own time. After all, you want them to finish watching the training videos with new insight. You desire for them to complete training better than ever. Here are the steps you need to make effective employee training videos to ascertain your employees gain a solid understanding of everything you’ve shared. 

Step 1: Use the Correct Tools

You need a good camera and a tripod to capture your content. It would also help to have good lighting and a noise-cancelling microphone. Of course, you need a good video maker to edit content. Having the right tools on hand gives you a good foundation for success. 

Step 2: Select a Focus

Outline your objectives before you begin shooting. After all, there are many different types of training videos. Ask yourself the following: 

  • Are you teaching new employees? 
  • Will you provide info on new policies? 
  • Is it an onboarding for new software?

You must have clear objectives in mind to ground your video production. Assessing your aims will help you choose a topic to focus on, allowing you to make stronger content. 

Step 3: Think About the Video Format

Before cranking up your video maker, you must decide how your employees will consume the content. Will you upload it on YouTube then send the links to your employees? Will you ask them to view it on their PCs or mobile devices? Choosing the format in advance allows you to optimise the recording and editing. 

Step 4: Do the Prep Work

Plan ahead if you want to succeed. You must curate a storyboard and write a detailed script. Why? Because you shall use these as a guide for shooting and as you edit the clips with a video maker. You also need to think about the following: 

  • Actors
  • Props
  • Backdrop
  • Narrator
  • Costumes

Planning ensures you’ve got every detail covered before you start. Besides, staying organised makes your employee training video production less chaotic. With proper planning, you can move more efficiently.

Step 5: Record the Video

Set up your recording equipment and begin shooting the video. Make sure your camera is stable to prevent jarring images. Moreover, pay attention to the mic to capture robust, clear sound. Follow the script and shoot what you need. Anyway, you can trim and arrange your clips later with a video maker.

Step 6: Edit the Work

Thanks to a slideshow video maker, you can let your creative juices flow as you put your clips together. With the right digital solution, you can add the following details to your videos: 

  • Text
  • Music
  • Transitions
  • Logo

If you want to create memorable videos, use these design implements to give your employee training content a personal touch. Thus, you must not scrimp on these elements by using an excellent video maker app to make your project easy and effective. 

Step 7: Share the Video

You can distribute your final video on many channels. Check out the following ways: 

  • Email the video link
  • Post on your project management portal
  • Share updates on your communication channels
  • Post on employee onboarding dashboard

Step 8: Seek Feedback

Once you’ve given your employees ample time to watch the video content, ask for feedback. You must follow up with your team to see how well your video resonated with them. Their thoughts can help you improve your next training video. 

Why Create These Videos

Creating your employee training videos with a video maker proffers tons of advantages. They help your existing employees and new hires. Take note of the following perks: 

  • Provides Consistency: Videos ascertain employees are trained in the same manner. As a result, it reduces mistakes. Moreover, it ensures employees are on the same page and mitigates potential friction.
  • Guarantees Easy Onboarding: Helps you streamline onboarding since the video materials are prepared in advance. 
  • Prevents Discrepancies: Your company videos can share vital health and safety information. With compelling video content, you won’t forget to share any critical details. 
  • Cost-Efficient: With video production, you can automate your training. Hence, instead of spending many hours tutoring each person, you can send everyone the same engaging video. This one-time production proves more affordable than doing repetitive training in person. 
  • Assured Understanding: If you want to increase information retention, a highly engaging audio-visual production is the answer. This engages more senses, assuring better memory recall. 
  • Promote Productivity: With training videos, you don’t have to call out your employees into a meeting for training. Instead, send them a link on new safety policies or industry best practices and have them watch whenever it’s convenient. 

In summary, creating compelling training videos for your employees can help tremendously. Once you start, you’ll see just how effective these are. You may even end up wishing you did this sooner. 


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