Forklifts are machines used to lift relatively heavier objects; forklifts are commonly used at construction sites and warehouses to lift heavy items in loading or unloading activities.

There are many types of forklifts designed to carry out different tasks.

The choice of a particular kind of forklift depends on the task requirement. If you are planning to rent or purchase, you can get a Discount Forklift at your convenience.

Below is an outline of the different types of forklifts available for you to purchase or hire at your job site.

Forklifts for Warehouse

I often see the wirehouse forklift near me being used to stock heavier items. The forklift looks like the golf cart; it has two similar folks that project at the front. And will often be used to pack things in the store or load them in vehicles for customer delivery.

The Telehandler Forklifts

The telehandler forklift near me at a construction site combines the forklift and a crane. There is also an extended arm to lift objects several feet high. The lift is very suitable for lifting loads at elevated angles and fixed spaces that other types of hydraulic lifts cannot reach.

Forklifts for Heavy-Duty Jobs

The lift combines the characteristics of a telehandler forklift and the warehouse forklift. Even if the forklift cannot uplift objects to a tight elevation, the heavy-duty forklift can lift much heavier objects than the warehouse and telehandler forklifts.

The Rough Terrain Forklift Near Me

The lift is suitable to use on rough grounds in outdoor activities such as performing tasks at a construction site. The tires of the forklift are broad with good threading. The design of its tires gives the forklift ability to move heavy loads over a rough and tilted surface.

The Pallet Jack Forklift

These forklifts have a high specialization; they are comparatively small in size, which makes them best to carry loads through a small path. There are both electric and manual pallet jacks available for hire or purchase.

The Walkie Stacker Forklifts

The walkie stacker forklift near me has a specific design to meet its purpose. Unlike other forklifts, the walkie stacker doesn’t have an operator’s compartment; the operator walks behind it while controlling the lift using a handler. The walkie stacker may not be very powerful but are very efficient in lifting objects to a higher level where pallet jacks cannot reach.

The Order Picker Forklifts

This forklift is used to bring down items from a height up to 30 feet. Unlike the walkie stacker lift used to collect several items in a pallet, the order picker forklift near me can pick up every single item from the shelf. The forklifts are ideal for serving customers who buy things in small quantities.


Using forklifts to lift loads around your job site can save time, cost, and energy to move heavy items stored on higher shelves. The choice of forklift depends on several factors, such as the weight of load lifted, the cost of the forklift, the convenience of use, and the terrain of the surface where the lift is intended to work.


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