Every woman must always take care of herself. Both in terms of body shape, skin, or even the ‘sister’, secret items under the shade must take special care. Absolutely do not neglect it because even though the organs are located inside It’s not an organ that people can see. But it is an important part that helps to increase confidence and create happiness for young women, especially in bed.

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Therefore, it is common for women who are experiencing labia minora protrusion. Labium prolapse is abnormal. There are often concerns that these problems will make the sister look unattractive. losing confidence deteriorates happiness in life. But don’t worry because today we will take the girls to solve the doubts that the problem of labia minora is not equal from what? And ready to tell you how to solve problems that women should know

Get to know ‘labia minora’ better.

The labium is a female external organ. It is similar in structure to the lips and is divided into two parts: labia minora (inner) and labia majora (outer), with each woman having a different appearance, color, and size of the labium. The function of labium is to help protect the clitoris urinary tract and vulva It also prevents infection from the outside into the inside. Anti-shock And help reduce various injuries that may occur to the vagina. The labium also contains sensory glands that help women reach orgasm during sex as well.

For labia minora, there are two leathery petals on the inside. Labia majora is small and soft. The color of the labia minora ranges from pink, red, dark red, and black (depending on the function of each person’s melanin pigment). Some may be so small that they hide inside the labia majora, or others may be so large that they emerge from the labia majora, which is a common problem and is normal in nature. But it is a problem that makes women lose their confidence. because I think that makes my sister look unsightly like a butterfly spreading its wings and want to fix this point urgently

What is the cause of labia’s unequal filing?

The enlargement and sagging of the labia minora can cause polyps, creases, and bulges that are a big concern for women. It also resulted in unequal submission of labia. minora emerges The reasons that cause the above problems are as follows:

  1. Heredity
  2. Pregnancy or weight gain This causes the accumulation of fat under the skin and makes the labia minora look abnormally large.
  3. Natural childbirth This can cause a rupture in the vagina, causing the labia minora to change, protrude, or become uneven in size.
  4. Increased age causes the labia minora to expand and sag.
  5. A condition with frequent pulling of labia minora causes the skin to stretch and then shrink back.

The above problems will not only affect beauty. But these can also cause women to experience pain. When it comes to wearing tights, underwear, swimwear, and squeezing during sex It also increases the obstruction of sweating and vaginal odor. especially during the menstrual cycle In addition to causing an unpleasant odor, it also causes inflammation easily.

So in order not to cause these problems to occur. It is necessary to expedite the problem to be corrected on the spot. By the way, to fix the problem of labia minora from labia majora is labiaplasty surgery with good results. It takes a short time to recuperate. It also helps to adjust the appearance of the small cam to be as close to normal as possible.


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