Are you looking for a fun activity? However, do you also want a safer sport? In that case, a zorb ball might come in handy for you. Don’t know much about zorb ball? Worry not! This article will help you have a better, clearer, and deeper understanding of the zorb ball.

Furthermore, make sure you also learn about zorbing, its different types, and some of the major benefits of zorbing. So, without a further delay, let’s get going and help you enhance your knowledge about zorb balls. Read on

What is a Zorb Ball?

A zorb ball is a stretchable transparent plastic ball that increases in size when air is put inside it. The best thing about a zorb ball is that one or even two people can easily fit into it. This makes the person inside the zorb ball indestructible to all the fears of getting hurt.

Moreover, any individual inside the zorb ball can move freely and wrestle with fellow mates fitted inside zorb balls. The material used for a zorb ball is usually plastic that increases its resistance against any mishappening.

What is Zorbing?

The art of using a zorb ball for numerous fun activities is termed zorbing. For instance, sitting in a zorb ball, you can roll down a slope, walk on water, fight with each other, and much more.

All these activities are fun to do and most importantly safe. Hence, zorbing gives way to better health while not compromising on your fun.

The quality of the zorb ball matters a lot. So, you should buy it from a genuine source like Kameymall that gives you the best quality at an unbeatable price.

Why Should You Do Zorbing?

The question arises – why do zorbing? What is so special about using a zorb ball? For all those answers, have a read of the following points.

Fun Activity

One of the major advantages of zorbing is that it is a fun activity. You are going to love it. Moreover, zorbing helps you walk on water. Isn’t that cool? You can also roll down a slope without even worrying about a single scratch.

Also, racing against your friends while enclosed in a transparent ball of air already seems like fun. Most importantly, zorbing lets you enjoy without any fear of getting injured or hurt.

Burns Calories

It could be a little fun for a few people. However, for people who wish to lose weight without having to do anything, zorbing is fun for them. Imagine losing weight without even having to struggle for hours in the gym. That does seem fun.

Hence, another crucial benefit of zorbing is that you burn calories. It happens when you try to move the zorb ball. Moving or directing it makes you use your energy. Hence, it could become a hard task when you try to do that on water or rolling down a slope.

Better Cardiovascular System

Running has a direct connection with the cardiovascular system of the human body. When you are inside the zorb ball, you have to use your legs a lot. That improves the strength of your legs. Also, that helps you by increasing your cardiovascular functionality.

Hence, it is one of the most uncommon benefits of zorbing that no one even considers. That is why you should do zorbing to get fit and improve the functioning of your lungs over time.


The biggest advantage of zorbing is that it is safe. Being inside the zorb ball makes you safe. If you are worried about how you will be breathing, don’t hassle about it. The continuous shift in the air pressure inside the zorb ball makes it easier for you to have plenty of air to breathe in and out.

Furthermore, it saves you from all the bumps and rocks in your path. That is, you can enjoy it without even worrying for a single moment.

Different Variations of Zorbing

Here’s a list of some of the types of zorbing. Have a read.

  • Air Zorbing

This is one of the most used zorbing types. In this, the person stays in a microgravity state and feels like walking on air. This is usually combined with hydro zorbing since both have a similar concept.

  • Free Zorbing

If you want to be in charge of the movement of the zorb ball, free zorbing is for you. In this, the sorbet inside the ball is in your hands that help you direct your movements.

  • Bubble Ride

Just like hydro zorbing, a bubble ride helps you stay over a water body. You stay enclosed inside the air bubble that keeps you afloat.

  • Snow Zorbing

As depicted from the name itself, snow zorbing allows you to skate over the snow without worrying about falling on your face


As you can see, zorbing is a fun activity. However, make sure you buy the best quality zorb ball only. Along with the zorb ball, another useful thing for adventure seekers is an air track. This minimizes the bumps and pressures your body has to go through after you land on your feet.

Hence, a zorb ball and an air track will make up your complete package. Don’t forget to visit a genuine store like Kameymall to get the best products.


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