The interest rate is said to receive seven hikes this year. The United States Federal Reserve (or just “the Fed”) has already raised the interest rate by .25% in mid March this year, and so there are just six more similar hikes to go, which means the federal funds rate should end 2022 at around 1.9%. Please visit if you want further details on the current yield curve. Right now the overnight rate is just .33%, and so many people in the United States and other countries have a unique opportunity this year. That is to say, most people will have many opportunities this year. That’s right: if you haven’t already, you’ve got a lot of time to refinance your current loans and get those better rates before the rate hiking is even half over.

Short-Term And Long-Term Saving

For those of you who are still unaware of the advantages of refinancing, it is basically a way for you to save money in the long run, as well as for the short-term. As mentioned in the former paragraph, refinancing a loan during a period of time where interest rates are at an all-time low is an unusually attractive prospect. Refinancing to get those low rates means saving money that would otherwise taken from you in addition to the total amount of the loan. For example, if you bought a house in 2008 for $400k when 30-year mortgage rates were 6.5%, you will have owed an extra 400k x .065 = $26k by the end of 30 years, and you would have about $13k left in interest payments from now until 2038. But, you refinanced last December when the 30-year mortgage rate was at 3.2% (about half that of 2008) without extending the end year of the loan, you would save approximately a fourth of the original $26k, or about $6.5k over the course of the remaining 15 or so years.

Save More Money Per-Month

Sometimes having too many loans or too big of monthly payments is the main reason why we can’t seem to get ahead in the meantime. Refinancing on a loan is therefore one of the best ways to give your budget the flexibility it needs. Say you bought a car from the dealership when interest rates are high. Depending on your credit, monthly car payments can be quite a burden. But now that bank rates for auto loans are so low, as you can see here, if you refinance you may be able to extend the due date of your current loan by a few years and therefore lower your monthly payments considerably. You won’t be paying any less money for your car in the long run, but the lower interest rate is an opportunity for you to extend the duration of the loan without having to pay any more than you already are.

Improving Your Credit Makes Refinancing Imperative

Have you checked your credit in the last month? According to Next Gen Personal Finance 60% of people have checked their credit scores in the last six months. Take some time to looks at yours now. If you find that you’ve made drastic or sufficient improvement in your score then it could be a great time to refinance one or more of your current loans. The difference between having fair and excellent credit when it comes to mortgage loans can be up to a percentage point or so in APR. With auto loans it is multiple percentage points, and on any subprime loan you should always expect high monthly payments and very high interest. That is why even if you don’t have the credit to get a very decent loan, you can eventually turn the tides by refinancing once your credit has had a chance to climb.

Crushed By Debt? Save Yourself By Outsourcing

Some of us inevitably will do one of two things: take out a subprime loan because we need the cash but struggle to pay it back, or apply for a big line of credit, and before we’ve even checked the balance we max it out. In either situation we’re facing gruesome monthly payments and we may have just racked up a lot of bad debt. Luckily in this day and age, institutions have found out that debt can be bought and profited from. If you have several loans you are unable to pay back, you may be able to trade them all at once for a single payback policy with manageable monthly payments and much lower interest rate. Even if your credit isn’t great, go to to search through a wide-range of debt-buyer or refinancing services, and make sure to apply as often as you can. Wait for a response from each sent application, and consider going with the offered policy with the lowest interest rate.

Comfort Is In Demand

In the end, refinancing your bad loans will give you the breathing room you need to finally live again. Though refinancing institutions still make a decent profit off of refinancing bad debt, they offer their most desperate customers the time to comfortably pay their dues. From the creation of bad debt to its conversion to good debt, time truly reveals how the demand for ease ultimately trumps the demand for immediate gratification. Subprime or bad lenders shouldn’t exist simply on this principle, as in return for promising too much, they coerce too much. Yet another reminder of how money, for how great it is, inevitably brings calamity wherever it goes.


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