In a traditional classroom, teachers and students come with a certain set of expectations based on their past experiences. But, in an online classroom, the expectations cannot be measured. You connect with students in a completely different set-up, having no geographical boundaries and thus different kinds of expectations arise. 

Switching to online teaching may be intimidating and confusing at times. You might wonder how is it different from traditional classrooms? How to teach online? What principles should be sought upon to make online learning effective? 

Teachers need support for making online learning effective. Through this article, we suggest you ten basic principles for effective online teaching. read more : marketingproof

  • Appear in videos 

Make sure that you appear in your video lectures. It comforts the young learners and keeps the adult learners engaged. Students have a better learning experience when they can see the face of their instructors. 

  • Interact with your students

Add interactivity in your classes. This makes your class engaging. Your students will be interested in the classroom if you add short quizzes, learning-based games, fun ut knowledgeable activities related to your course along with your daily lectures. Most learning management systems facilitate you to do this quite easily. Learn what your LMS provides and how you can use it to benefit your classroom.

  • Test your visuals on multiple devices

Know that your students will be accessing your class from various devices such as PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Not all visuals work best on every device. The least that you want is that the videos and images that you provide to your students be accessible to them without creating any difficulty to understand. For this, you can test your classes in all kinds of possible devices that students might use. You may also ask some of your students for beta testing.

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  • Break or divide your lessons into smaller modules 

Videos or lectures that are of longer duration can be boring and distracting for students. It might make them restless to sit for hours in front of screen. It is always a good idea to break long lessons into smaller parts with short videos. Give students a break of about 15-20 minutes after every module is completed. You can also teach one module at a time.

Do the same for tough and complex topics.

  • Allow your students to discuss ideas 

Set up an online space where your students can connect and discuss their doubts, thoughts and ideas with their peers. This not only creates a bonding among students but also they will be able to solve many of their doubts within themselves thus promoting peer learning.

  • Make use of free resources

There are many free resources available online. You can use these to benefit your online classroom. You can provide links to your students about some interesting articles or videos. If required, you can also use certain online free resources to teach your class better.

  • Record your classes 

When it comes to online classes, nothing is better than live streams. Students can interact with you and clear their doubts as soon as they arise. But, every student can’t access your class always during the live streaming. So, it is always a great idea to keep a recording of your live classes and make them accessible to your students.  

This also helps your students to go back to the lessons while revising and understanding the topic better. 

  • Provide clear guidelines to students and parents
  • When to log in and log out of the system
  • The assistance that parents should provide, especially to young learners
  • Ow to upload ad download homework or assignments 
  • Rules ad etiquette that you expect in our class
  • How to check for grades

All this information should be made available to the students beforehand so that there is no confusion among them and their parents. click here for  more : punch4day


When these principles are combined with the maxims of teaching, you will be able to provide the best learning experience to your students in an online learning environment. 

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