Have you begun using videos in your social media marketing endeavors? If not, you’re late to the party. Today, more than ever, video marketing has become an integral part of successful marketing campaigns. Creating and posting compelling visual content has proven to drive more sales and boost higher returns on investment.

About more than 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide. The number will hit 4.4 billion by the year 2025. Isn’t that a huge market to sell your products and services? Moreover, many people want to watch a video about their preferred products and services before buying. That means using videos can help you reach a greater audience and convince many to buy your brand.

Are you new to video marketing? You can use the tips below to grow your business through video marketing.

Tips to Grow Your Business Through Social Media Video Marketing

Use Native Video Content

Have you heard about native videos? Maybe, you have, but you’re not sure you’ve understood what it is. It’s a video you create on a social platform that is played in-feed. Creating native video content gives you greater benefits than posting links to videos hosted on other websites.

Social media platforms and search engines have algorithms that highlight the best results for a search which means your content reaches a greater audience. And that increases engagement on your posts. Apart from that, native videos allow video auto-play.

┬áIf you post videos directly to your social media platforms, they autoplay, which helps your content get more views because it’s easier to watch and requires less effort from your viewers. This makes any casual scroller interested to know about your brand.

Live Stream Your Video

If you have been looking to attract a larger audience and generate more traffic, you will achieve impressive results with live videos. Live streaming also increases your online visibility. Due to immediate interaction, live videos entice more viewers to engage with your content than simple status posts or updates.

Through live streaming, you can respond to comments from your audience, which helps build trust about your brand. You will also get insights on the type of content your audience loves and what they engage with most in your live streams. That way, you can develop a video marketing strategy that engages your audience more for better results.

Grab Viewers’ Attention Within the First 10 Seconds

No doubt, many people have reduced attention spans today. That’s why you should work harder to grab the attention of your viewers within the first few seconds of your video. Social media requires interesting content, and if you can make the beginning of your content super engaging, you are assured of hooking your audience to interact with your brand content to the end.

But how do you hook your viewers to your content? That’s quite simple. Ensure to use funny animations and good cinematography. And once you take the footage you love, you can use video editing software to polish your content and develop smooth and flowing videos. You may also adopt storytelling in your video. A story connects with viewers uniquely and sucks them in.

Post Short Videos

Shorter videos have the highest levels of engagement on social platforms. Many of your social media followers want to get information without wasting time, be entertained, and keep up with current news and trends. Therefore, using short-form content will grow your brand in great ways.

Besides that, everyone is experiencing a reduced attention span. If you want to hook and keep your audience watching your brand video, provide value and ensure you post short content. To create a short video, get a good online video editor to cut and remove all the content that doesn’t add value to your footage.

Create Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are great types of videos that help you connect with your audience easily. Do you offer products or services? You can make short tutorials highlighting what your brand can give potential customers.

Today, many customers will buy your brand after watching how it works. Even more, educating your audience about your brand helps build the trust necessary for your brand. When creating a tutorial, ensure to capture all the features of your product that make it stand out from your competitors. That way, you will get into the heart of your prospective buyers to consider what you’re selling.

Include Subtitles When Talking is Involved

Social media platforms have followers from across the world. Your video content will reach an audience you don’t share the language with or those with a hearing impairment. Therefore, if you add text to video it will help your audience easily consume your content.

Many of your viewers consume your content without turning on the sound button. Failure to include subtitles in your content prevents your target group from understanding your message. Ensure to add subtitles. That will help convey the message to your audience easily whether they watch videos on mute or not.

Videos are also ranked. Having titles and subtitles makes it easier for search engines to find and rank your content. When your video ranks higher, your brand becomes more visible, which drives more traffic and increases sales. Ensure your content offer viewers value.

Add Music to Your Social Media Videos

People are busy. To get them to watch your video, you need to be creative. And using music in your video is a great way to grab your audience’s attention. Besides, music helps control the audience’s perception of your brand while setting an appropriate mood and connection.

While music will make your products and service appear unique, not all songs are good for use in your video. Consider the audience and the mood you want to set before using any audio for your brand videos. Apart from that, ensure your audience matches your brand. You should avoid using any licensed music. Many video editing tools have free music you can include in your video to create captivating brand content.


Social videos allow you to drive business results and develop great audience engagement. With the help of the tips above, you will be on the right path to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Many people use social platforms, and posting videos on these can make your brand known beyond borders. Begin posting videos today and enjoy great success.


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