Creating videos is not as difficult now as it was back in the day. You can literally make a professional-looking video with just your smartphone. However, the reaction of your target audience will determine how effective it really is. Here are a few tips to help improve the quality of your videos instantly.

Improve your lighting

The lack of light or the way it hits your face can play a huge role in how your video will end up looking. The way you use or place your light can make or break your footage. Natural light in the morning is most recommended. But if you are shooting indoors or later in the day, make sure to use reliable light sources that are bright enough to illuminate but not too strong to cast lots of shadows.

Keep your background simple

Don’t let your background steal the spotlight away from you. You want your viewers to focus on you. Film in front of a wall with a solid color. If that’s not possible, use a green screen or cloth and then add a professional-looking background using an online video editor. Make sure not to use anything that may reflect the camera or crew in front of you.

Use a good video editing tool

There are so many video editing programs out there but make sure you use one that offers the best features to make your raw video into something awesome. Find a video editor that lets you record your screen and webcam with ease, add captions, trim and crop, merge and add transitions, add stock media, and more. It’s important to edit raw videos but make sure you won’t go overboard especially with the special effects.

Keep your audio clear and crisp

Not everyone watches in silent mode, relying on captions to know what the video is about. Most will actually want to hear what you have to say so make sure that your audio is music clear and easy to understand. You may want to invest in a good microphone and record in a setting with zero or minimal background noise to get the best results.

Make your shots steady

Shaky footage is not something anyone is willing to watch for a long time. Not only can it be dizzying to watch, it also takes the quality of your video to an absolutely low level. To keep your footage steady, use a tripod or any similar tool to prevent your camera from wobbling.

Boost your camera presence

You can’t expect viewers to find your video credible if you appear nervous and uncomfortable. You have to look and act confident to improve the quality of your videos. Here are a few things you can do to improve your camera presence:

  • Stay calm
  • Smile
  • Slow down when you talk
  • Use cue cards to stay on track
  • Use props to keep your hands occupied
  • Practice, practice, practice

Improve the quality of your next video

Recording and editing videos involves a lot of things but all of those lead to one thing: Quality. Posting professional videos will not only attract the attention of your target audience, it may also keep them wanting for more. These few simple tips can help you get started. Make sure to plan and prepare your video content in advance to have enough time to revise, enhance, and improve.


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