For most people, the illusion of control over their lives plays an important role. It becomes a point of reference for us and gives us meaning.

We make decisions. We organize not only our own space but also help our children, elderly parents, and sick relatives.

External events, such as epidemics, wars, economic, political and social crises, destroy the illusion of control, knock the fulcrum out from under us. They illuminate all our weaknesses and imperfections.

During these periods, something comes up that has long needed to be solved, but in all the other hustle and bustle has been forgotten, pushed aside, and seems to have ceased to bother us.

Times become hard because, besides the external blackness, the inner blackness is revealed in all its glory.

Our fears come to the surface, “old traumas” come to light. Problems in relationships also begin to make our lives worse.

What to do in such situations? How to hold on? How not to “go crazy” in all this chaos?

Raise Your Awareness With Reliable Sources

One of the scariest things for people is not knowing what will happen.

It is no coincidence that in times of all crises there was a growing market for fortune-telling services, predictions and forecasts.

People are ready to give their last money for the ghostly hope that things will get better and trouble will bypass their home.

The uncertainty generates fear, which in turn can lead to panic and complete loss of orientation in what is happening.

Fear is afraid when it is measured and examined. If you can’t even think about, for example, an event or illness, study it.

Take the time to write an essay, but rely on information from verified and competent sources.

For example, if these are gambling games, read what is written not just by players, but exactly by experts who know everything about असली पैसे के लिए ऑनलाइन स्लॉट.

In other words, if we are talking about a virus, don’t read bloggers, read virologists, infectious disease specialists, those who understand what they write.

Stop Discussing With Everyone What Worries You 

Have you thought about what happens when you discuss a topic that bothers you?

You are engaging in self-hypnosis in its worst form. You are multiplying your fear. You are feeding your inner demon.

If you watch, you will notice that such discussions can last for hours. After them you become even more afraid, but instead of stopping, you are looking for someone else to talk to. The circle closes.

You need to stop talking to everyone in a row your fears. Let it be only one person. However, in order not to lose him in the “abyss of discussions,” take 10 minutes in the evening to talk.

To make it really was 10 minutes, rather than an hour or two, make this discussion uncomfortable for yourself. For example, get up in a chair every time.

Pay Attention to the Issues That Come up During Hard Times

Instability exacerbates all conflicts. Anything you wanted to forget, from which you have so diligently run away, will catch up with you at the most inopportune time.

In this situation, you need to face the truth and make a decision, which sometimes was postponed for months, and maybe even years.

The statistics are disappointing. For example, during economic crises there is an increase in divorce.


You both ran away to work, to friends, somewhere else from the crack in your relationship, from something you didn’t want to talk about at all.

“Dark times” will “push” you to have these conversations. They won’t give you a chance to “turn away.”

Show Some Concern for Yourself

When the external support, the illusion of control over our own lives, is lost, we shift all our weight to our internal support. The first to break are those who don’t have one or have a very weak one.

You, of course, are strong, you will pull through, pull yourself and seven others, but pay attention to yourself, to the simple things that you put off for later and in a long box.

Occupy your time with useful things to do. Sort out where you’ve been planning for a long time. Start learning something. Shift your focus from the negativity around you to something good for you.

Disconnect From the Matrix

Social networks and the media are competing with each other to create fear and panic. Filter the information. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend watching shows and reading the news.

This, too, is hypnosis. It also increases anxiety, fuels panic, and interferes with normal thinking and making meaningful decisions.

Reduce Spendings

Try spending less. Review the items in your personal budget to see what can be removed from it.

For example, consider giving up cigarettes if you smoke. Give up a cup of coffee from the coffee shop, especially if it has become your daily ritual.

Consider cutting expenses. After all, the money you save is the money you earn.


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