No occasion looks complete if you don’t have any flowers around. A bouquet of roses or lilies can brighten up your space and create a lasting impression of your home and event.

Keeping your blooms fresh and standing for long is not that easy. Whether you are having a wedding or a birthday party, you can apply some of these tips to keep the cut flowers in the glass vases fresh for a long.

Tip #1: Cut the stems

When you buy cut flowers for your graduation bouquet, you want to ensure they stay fresh for the longest time. The mistake most people make one they receive cut flowers is forgetting to cut the stems before putting them in a vase.

You can use garden shears to trim or cut the flower stems at an angle. Cutting the stems allows flowers to take up easily because they are not sitting on the bottom of the glass vase uprightly. You should also ensure you trim the flower bouquet once in a while for a few days to keep them fresh.

Tip #2: Prune all leaves below the waterline

Another way to keep your cut flowers fresh is to prune all the leaves that appear below the waterline. Doing this will prevent any bacterial growth and make your bouquet look appealing.

Some flowers like roses have guard petals that you should remove to allow the flower to open fully.  Check the flowers every day for any loose or dead leaves and petals if you’re going to avoid any bacterial rot.

Tip #3:  Add vinegar to the vase water

If you love to keep flower vases for long, there are different methods you can apply. One of the simplest ways is to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar in the vase before adding any flowers.

You can change the vase water once a week to make the flowers last longer.

Tip #4: Prevent bacterial growth by adding vodka

Another way to ensure your cut flowers last longer is to add some drops of vodka into the vase water together with a teaspoon of sugar.

This is one of the tips you can apply if you want the cut flowers to stay fresh for long without any bacterial growth.  You should also change the water every day and refresh the sugar and vodka in the vase water.

Tip #5: Keep out of direct sunlight

Your cut flowers are going to last longer if you keep them in a room with cool temperatures. You want to avoid by all means displaying the flowers in direct sunlight or close to appliances that generate a lot of heat like your desktop or cooker.

Avoid areas like cooling vents, windows, and ceiling fans because they can make the flower dehydrate fast.  Another tip is to avoid placing the flowers close to any ripening fruits. Fruits release ethylene gas when they ripen, which can reduce the flowers’ longevity.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can keep cut flowers fresh all day. The best you can do is to ensure you pick the right glass vase to display the flowers. You give your flowers enough room to breathe and stay longer with the right vase.


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