Kratom-producing brands are constantly working on innovative ways to give consumers palatable yet potent kratom products from Golden Monk. The latest kratom consumables developed from such endeavors include kratom gummies, extracts, and shots. However, the classic kratom powder remains a fan-favorite among kratom consumers.

The herbal powder is versatile as you can consume it as tea or mix it with your favorite food. Some kratom prefer to smoke kratom powder, but is smoking the herbal powder a viable consumption method? Keep reading to learn the benefits of smoking kratom powder over other consumption methods. 

What Is Kratom?

Before delving into kratom powder consumption, begin by understanding kratom as a botanical. Kratom is an herbal tree forming part of the indigenous vegetation that thrives in Southeast Asian countries’ tropical climates. Although the herb grows naturally, increasing demand for its use in Western countries, including the US, has contributed to farmers establishing kratom plantations in Southeast Asia. 

The herb is a priced botanical in the region, where local communities use it for fatigue and pain relief from intensive labor. Southeast Asian kratom consumers consume raw kratom leaves by chewing them despite the herb’s characteristic bitter taste. Moreover, others opt to smoke-dried and cured kratom leaves by rolling them into joints.

However, the US kratom market offers more palatable consumable forms, including capsules, soft gels, tinctures, shots, and the classic kratom powder. Regardless of the herb’s consumable form, one research study shows that it utilizes the exact mechanism of action to deliver its therapeutic effects.

According to the study, kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids that interact with the endogenous opioid system receptors after consumption to deliver specific therapeutic effects. Moreover, a second study showed that kratom delivers antidepressant-like and analgesic effects while circumventing the path that typical opioids like morphine and heroin take. The study concluded that kratom could deliver therapeutic effects without causing typical opioid side effects, including drug dependency.

Kratom is available in various strains, each with a dominant therapeutic effect. Now that you know all about kratom, find out why some individuals may want to smoke kratom powder.

5 Surprising Benefits of Smoking Kratom

As stated above, Southeast Asia is the world’s leading kratom exporter due to the region’s unique climate. However, a handful of farmers in Florida, Georgia, and Texas are venturing into kratom farming, and they supply fresh and cured kratom leaves to consumers.

Despite the infant US-grown kratom industry, kratom leaves for smoking are a pretty rare find. Consequently, kratom consumers who smoke cigarettes and other botanicals turn to kratom powder as a viable smokable option. Below are some reasons why smoking kratom powder is a good idea.

1. Smoking Kratom Powder Facilitates Faster Alkaloid Absorption

Although smoking is a less common kratom powder consumption method, it has one primary advantage over ingestion methods like brewing teas, “toss-and-wash,” and making edibles. According to one literature review on medicinal smokes, the primary advantage of smoking herbal remedies is the speedy delivery of the botanical’s active compound to the brain.

Moreover, the review also concluded that smoking facilitated the active ingredient’s efficient absorption. Kratom consumed via inhalation methods like smoking gets to the bloodstream faster than ingested kratom.

With each inhalation, the air sacs in the lungs facilitate kratom’s alkaloids absorption into the blood. The blood carries the alkaloids to the endogenous endocannabinoid receptors, facilitating partial binding.

On the other hand, ingested kratom must undergo digestion; it is advisable to take kratom after a meal or with food to facilitate absorption. Moreover, the digestive system transforms kratom alkaloids into an absorbable form during digestion, and some alkaloid quality gets destroyed during the process. Therefore, ingested kratom has lower availability than inhaled kratom.

2. Smoking Kratom Powder Facilitates Rapid Action

The fast absorption rate for kratom powder and its high bioavailability means it reaches the endogenous endocannabinoid faster. Therefore, smoked kratom is fast-acting, delivering instant relief and promoting wellbeing.

When you ingest kratom powder, you have to wait between 30minutes and an hour for its effects to kick in. Moreover, some kratom strains like Red Bali kratom, though potent, take longer to deliver their therapeutic effects.

Therefore, ingested kratom powder may not be a viable option when you need instant pain relief. However, you can always carry your pre-rolled kratom powder joint for those times when you may need instant relief.

3. Smoked Kratom Helps Maintain A Calm Mood

Anxiety and stress are the most prevalent mental health issues in the US, with statistics showing that 40 million American adults struggle with some form of anxiety. Moreover, one consumer survey among kratom consumers showed that anxiety relief is the herb’s second most popular use after pain relief. 

One characteristic feature of stress and anxiety is that they often have triggers, and an immediate remedy is effective in de-escalating the situation. Smokable kratom powder could serve as that immediate relief. However, remember to monitor your kratom powder dose when using it to sustain a sense of calm.

 4. Smoked Kratom Powder Is More Palatable Than Raw Powder

Kratom is exceptionally bitter, so much so that some consumers throw up after attempting to ingest the raw powder. Moreover, some strains are more bitter than others. 

Most consumers utilize the “toss-and-wash” method, where you take the powder and wash it down with some water or fruit juice. However, the technique often proves inadequate against kratom’s super acrid taste, and cooking with kratom powder requires time and technique. So, you can smoke kratom powder to mask its bitter taste rather than endure ingestion. 

5. Smoking Kratom Powder is Legal

Unlike other smokable botanicals, kratom is Federally legal, so you can enjoy smoking your powder without breaking the law. However, ensure the herb is not a controlled substance in your state.


Smoking kratom powder helps enhance the herb’s therapeutic effects. Therefore, you can switch your kratom routine by rolling your favorite kratom powder strain into a collective and savoring the experience.


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