There is an increase in the adoption of online crypto casinos, which is not far-fetched. Cryptocurrencies have come to stay. The past few years have seen a growth in the usage and utilization of these coins, and it is no surprise that this has positively affected the gambling world. The rise of these online casinos is evidence that gambling does not discriminate.

But not all crypto casinos are worth playing at. While some of them are worth their salt, others cannot be trusted. Now the problem is they all look the same, right? Wrong.

Many of these virtual gambling platforms are quite different, one from another, and it takes knowing what to look out for to end up with the good ones. You do not have to worry about the important attributes to watch out for; we have done all the work for you.

Below is a list of key features that distinguish the great crypto casinos from the bad eggs.

Are they licensed?

This is perhaps the most important feature to look out for in a crypto casino. In today’s world of easy access to the internet, anyone could simply build their casino platform online to trick people to lose their money. It is worse when you consider the pseudo-anonymity cryptocurrencies provide, and transactions are difficult to reverse.

There are dozens of ways scams are perpetrated through crypto casinos. Playing at licensed casinos is the easiest way to avoid falling victim. Legitimate online casinos are regulated and not by themselves. There are international bodies responsible for providing policies and guidelines in the operations of a casino online. These are meant to protect both the users and the casino itself.

What Cryptocurrencies are Accepted

There are, without doubt, over a hundred cryptocurrencies available today, giving a wide range of options to play with, but not all are accepted by crypto casinos. Some are preferred over another. Most online casinos that accept cryptos often have a list of their preferred choices.

Over a dozen are generally acceptable, but some crypto casinos limit users’ options to less than 5. It is important to verify which is accepted by your preferred casino. This would help you know if you already hold accepted coins or if you would need some further conversion. With this, you can factor in transaction fees such as gas fees

How big is the game lobby?

You can’t gamble without games, and the entire fun isn’t about just winning. Playing games adds to the thrill. What makes it more fun is when there are many games to choose from. This is a critical feature in choosing an online casino. You need to confirm that the site has the games you prefer.

Typically, you should look for crypto casinos with both old and modern games. If you are a newbie, check out the ones that offer a diverse range of slots, table games, card games, and possibly live casino games. Some of the best crypto gambling platforms offer exclusive games to crypto players.

What are your banking options?

Most people assume that crypto platforms should be void of the headaches of typical fiat transactions. Unfortunately, this is not true. Just like regular casino users who play with the dollar or pound have to worry about getting their funds in and out smoothly, the same goes for crypto players. Some casinos allow for crypto deposits, but don’t payout in cryptocurrencies. Others might restrict your withdrawal options to only a few cryptos.

You don’t want to deposit bitcoins, for example, to find out that you can only make withdrawals in Dogecoin. As such, find out all the banking options available. The higher the number of alternatives, the better.

Check out reviews on gambling boards

It’s a good thing we don’t have to always learn by our experiences, and chances are you won’t be the first player to try out a crypto casino. The reviews of players who have gambled on these platforms are priceless.

Check out the reviews in detail for any site you want to play at. Read what other players have to say about them. How is their customer service response? Do they take an eternity to respond or get in touch within a few minutes? Do they make good on their words concerning promos and bonuses?

These and more are questions that can be easily answered on a review board and would save you the heartache of having to find out for yourself. Bear in mind that some reviews, whether good or bad, could be paid for. As useful as they can be, don’t make reviews the only yardstick.

How secure is the site?

Like every other website, crypto casinos are susceptible to cyberattacks, especially those that are not well protected. It is worse when players’ biodata and financial information are loosely guarded alongside the casino games. An online casino’s security is a vital part of its ecosystem and, if compromised, could lead to devastating effects. You should take great care before releasing your personal information to an online casino.

Ensure that the site is well protected. A way to do this is to confirm they are using an SSL certificate. You could do this by inputting the site’s URL and checking to see if there’s an icon that looks like a locked padlock right next to the address bar. If there is, the URL will start with ‘HTTPS.’ This means the site is taking its security seriously.


Lastly, you should also check out the ease of use. What is the user interface like? How easy is it to navigate through the casino? How long does it take to find anything you are looking for? How quickly can you access or locate customer support?

All these questions would reveal the casino’s level of usability. When followed, these features can shed light on the integrity and quality of any casino online. This list is not exhaustive, and other things could help make your choice on a crypto casino.


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