Digital money

Online banking has long since arrived in private and business payment transactions, mobile payment is becoming more and more popular and will replace cash in the long term. However, this does not mean that the possibilities opened up by digitization in payment transactions are exhausted. 

While one thinks of credit cards or Paypal when thinking of digital money today, further approaches to personalize means of payment more than business ideas are conceivable as a result of digital development. For example, you could create opportunities to take into account discounts for students or pensioners when paying via a corresponding means of payment. Digital money is already implemented into the platforms of the future. Let’s check TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. All these three platforms are getting most of the attention on a daily basis from the internet users. TikTok has been dominant in the last few months, especially in implementing digital money options for the content creators. Do you want to start earning money through video platforms? Well, we have a simple yet perfectly working formula. Synchronize trends with the video trends and upload frequently. At the same time, buy TikTok likes for each video and start promoting them to reach more people.

Internet of Bodies (IoB)

As an extension of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Bodies (IoB) will sooner or later seem just as natural to us. The responsible use of 5G, facial recognition technologies or other biometric technologies offer enormous opportunities to capture, collect and exchange data between the human body and machines. Smart home applications, autonomous vehicles,  digital twins  or digital medical records could be supplied with data in this way. So if you want to find and implement a purely digital business idea, there is also a good opportunity for this.

Nursing and care

As a side effect of the pandemic, what has actually been clear for a long time is becoming clear. The capacities in childcare, nursing services and household support are far from sufficient. Day care centers usually close in the afternoon, with luck in the evening. Employed parents who work night shifts have to organize the care of their children privately as far as possible. Nursing staff come to us mainly from neighboring countries. Here, too, neither the capacities nor the income of those in need of care are sufficient. A wide field for a good business idea.

Dog walkers

An office dog is now almost part of the standard equipment of companies. Dog owners who are unable to take their four-legged friends to the office or have them looked after privately turn to the so-called dog walkers. Anyone who wants to do this job does not need any specific training. However, you should realize that it’s not just about walking the block. Dog walkers offer all-round care: 

  • They pick up the animals and bring them back
  • Feed the dogs
  • Undertake visits to the veterinarian and administer medication if necessary 
  • Ensure sufficient movement
  • Do small exercises with the dogs to challenge them mentally as well

And not just with one dog, but with several dogs at the same time. A full-time job, but one of the best business ideas for dog lovers to turn their hobby into a career.

Housekeeping and Delivery Services

Housekeeping services provide additional support for the elderly or employed. Here’s a look across the pond at Hello Alfred, an American tech company that connects consumers with on-demand and local services to get errands and chores done. Alfred, the personal digital house manager, is available to the members and forwards their inquiries to the appropriate service providers. Seniors or working people as well as students are among the target group of numerous delivery services that provide their customers with a wide variety of products.


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