Advancement of technology has reduced stress during the manufacture of products. This has resulted in different casinos of things recreated as per the consumer’s preferential treatment.

What are Heat Press Machines?

This machine has no difference from irons. It’s used to apply heat and pressure to a garment. Due to the norm of being trendy, clothes, and bags are decorated nicely through printing. In addition, the machine makes it easier for designs to be put on plates and cups.

The Perfect Heat Presser 

Printing the exact perfect design on the garment is what counts at the end of the day as long as you have the right heat and temperature to get work done. However much you are good at crafting without knowing how to operate the machine, it’s all a waste of time and energy.

Therefore, below are a few tips to consider before selecting the appropriate machine.


Make sure that the upper platen is positioned well for pressure to be released evenly. Look for one with a central pressure which is adjustable together with flotation heat platen for no pinch result even If it means printing thick garments.

Open And Close Scenario

Operating a heat press that doesn’t disturb is good news. Ensure that the machine opens and closes easily without much stress.

Furthermore, avoid buying a heat press machine that jerks while opening, but rather have one that pops up instantly on opening.

Length of the Heat Press On the T-shirt

Make sure that after printing the design on the t.-shirt, avoid over soaking, washing and ironing it.

Several times of doing the above could wear out the design on the garment, making it not to last for ages. This is the same with utensils.

At least wash your t-shirt up to the 49th time. This will guarantee you more days of stay with your t.shirt or bag.


Every manufactured product comes with a warranty period. This is critical to the user when it comes to defects incurred during the manufacturing process. S/he can be sure of returning it back.

Other Alternatives

Achieving the desired design on backpacks, hoodies, baby blankets and sweatpants by infusing material with vinyl through heat transfer vinyl is possible if only you know the right heat and pressure. This will save you embarrassing time-wasting.

Heat presses the machine so it will warm. Lay the garment on the press to eliminate any existing moisture. Fold your garment in half to make the centerline. Remember to look at the design space while laying the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Advantages of Heat Pressers

Easy to use. The machine is easy to use. No need for training. Anyone Can illustrate to you how it’s used without reading from the manual.

It is straightforward


Doesn’t involve messes during the heating process.

In Conclusion, choosing the right machine that will maintain your trend and brand for your products is vital. With the appropriate income, secure and invest in one that leaves you smiling all day. For more, check t shirt printing machine price in Kenya.


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