There are a few tools that are used to create SVG files. Most of them are cross-platform, you can use them for Ubuntu, Windows, or macOS. I use them as per the need of our design. You can also use browser tools that can be accessed anywhere anytime, just by typing a web address.

But first, let’s see what is an SVG file and how you can use one.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an image format and is used to create graphic images, it uses vector format. Vector format is used for geometric drawing, however, it can use other drawing types like bitmaps. It’s most used for website backgrounds, icons and other graphic, because it supports the zoomed rendering, it’s generally used in web design.

It is a vector-based format, but in some aspect, it’s very similar to GDI (Graphics Device Interface) technology, it uses the VB or VB6 programming language (as it is cross platform) for drawing. You can use it for web design and customization of UI or app iconography as well.

But why use it for website backgrounds or graphics in general?

It has many useful things which can be used in websites, apps, and other general-purpose graphics. Some of them are

  • Customization of icons
  • Create elegant designs
  • Web Designer | Graphic Designer

Then, why do we need to create SVG files?

If you want to create website graphics or icons, you create them with ease in SVG format. Thus, the use of SVG for website designs is more popular and we can create attractive and attractive designs using this format. For this purpose, you need a tool that will create SVG for you.

Here are the main apps and tools you can use to create an SVG file


SVGator is an online tool that can be used to create a professional SVG file in a short period of time. It has a friendly and simple interface. You can create a beautiful and professional design within no time with this online tool. It has incredible features which can be used for Photoshop files and any other graphics.

It’s an online service that comes with a paid version that allows you to design unlimited projects. But if you are a novice, you should try the free version to see if it suits your needs.


Pixel is another free online tool that can help you in creating SVG files. It’s user-friendly, and the UI is very easy to use. It has a pretty good free version which is very easy to use. It has a paid version that comes with lots of additional features and if you are a professional graphic designer, you can buy this paid version to use all the advanced features.

SVG Generator

SVG Generator is an online tool that allows you to make vector-based graphics. The downside of this tool is that it’s a bit complicated and has lots of steps which can confuse new users. Â There is no free version and there is a paid version for those who are professionals in design.

If you want to create a lot of different types of design using the same script, you can use this tool to easily generate an SVG file.

SVG Lite Editor Pro

SVG Lite Editor Pro is the most advanced tool in the list that has a lot of features which a beginner can use easily and there are several ways in which you can use this tool to create SVG file. Â If you are a designer and are into creating UI graphics, it is highly recommended to try this tool.


SVGO is a cross platform tool that uses some SVG-like drawing functions but can also create the actual SVG file itself. You can create image in SVG format, but you can also use this tool to modify an existing image, you can create new graphics and upload it to the website or anywhere else.

It uses a form of OS X application and it also works for Windows. It is a 3D image editor, but also you can use it for a two-dimensional image too. It has many features, like color picking, shape editing, smooth rotation, slide, scale, and rotation for objects, masks for the color picker, and text style. The preview can be opened, closed or magnified by a touch of a button.


You can easily create an SVG file for the purpose of web, app and graphics graphics using all the above-mentioned tools. You can also buy paid version of some tools to use all their features.

So, you should follow the steps mentioned above and you can easily create a professional SVG file which is much easier and faster to create.

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