Nowadays, backlit trade show display has risen to popularity within the event exhibit world. The lightweight and customizable displays have so much to offer for exhibitors who are looking for them.

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But before that, do check out some gathered insight into the advantages of investing your hard-earned money in a backlit trade show display.

So let’s dive in!

Backlit trade show display: What Is It?

Before we jump to the main topic, let’s understand what backlit trade show displays are!

A portable display also called a portable modular exhibit, or portable is a flexible, cost-effective, and flexible way to make your booth more creative. You can welcome your customers warmly and create an impact on them through a uniquely designed modern booth.

In simple words, the portable booth is an advertising space to present your brand to the customers. It is used for project sale leads and to promote product awareness. And the key to a successful portable exhibit is the well-suited quality and effectiveness of trade show display.

While creating a backlit trade show display, various companies keep a lot of things in their mind to satisfy their clients’ needs.

So, it is a must-have product for those who are dipping their toes into the trade show world, or if you and your company are veterans in the exhibition world, there are various reasons to go portable on your display.

Ahead, we will take a look at the advantages of a backlit trade show display.

12 Benefits of Backlit trade show display

backlit trade show display is a one-stop solution for first-time trade show investors. To achieve the look of professionalism and intention, these displays are best to exhibit at dozens of trade shows.

So are you ready to create the first and the best impression? If yes, then in this read, we have shared 12 benefits of getting a backlit trade show display for your brand.

So let’s get grooving!

Benefit 1:

A backlit trade show display Offers an Added Edge to your company as it can stand out from other exhibits, show your brand’s image, and increase the chances of sales.

Benefit 2:

Another benefit of backlit trade show displays is that they are extremely economical, reasonable, affordable, lessen your shipping costs, and save your money in a lot of areas.

Benefit 3:

Backlit trade show displays are lightweight and easy to transport and carry along with you without a need to hire staff for setup and takedown instead of traditional ones that are notoriously heavy and need installation planning.

Benefit 4:

The Backlit trade show displays are versatile for exhibits in differently-sized exhibits without blowing a bunch of cash.

Benefit 5:

The Backlit trade show displays can be easily customized as per the material (wood, glass, vinyl), different prints, colors, layouts, and design your brand needs.

Benefit 6:

They are highly durable because they are constructed with fabric panels created from nylon or polyester and tough material like fiberglass, or aluminium.

Benefit 7:

The Backlit trade show displays make an Efficient Use of Space instead of overcrowding your booth with clunky traditional displays.

Benefit 8:

One of the biggest qualities of the Backlit trade show display is its universality which will speak the message to your clients on behalf of them.

Benefit 9:

Another main benefit of the display is they are Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, and ways to expand.

Benefit 10:

If your business is cost-conscious, then don’t worry, because these displays are interchangeable and reusable

Benefit 11:

The portable trade displays are compact, ideal for small booths, suitable when there is a fewer number of employees on the booth.

Benefit 12:

Lastly, the sturdy backlit trade show displays can communicate your brand message easily and wow your audience without breaking the bank.

So these were our 12 benefits of using a backlit trade show display for your brand.

Our Final Thoughts on Backlit trade show display

When it comes to appearances in modern times, you should consider a backlit trade show display. Everyone wants to make their company look the best, so it is important to choose the right one. Such displays are the perfect way to greet your old and new customers as they step into your booth. The displays can either make or break your brand, so make sure to opt for a modern backlit trade show display.

Once you get the right display with vivid graphics, remarkable promotional items, the correct attraction, and marketing strategies, it will spike up your sales.

So give the backlit trade show display it deserves and create a lasting impression at a glance. Also, stay connected with our website for more updates.


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